I have Created my Private Name server vs1.fastjobupdate.in and point it to my server ip
Also created dns+nameservers in cyberpanel

When i open my website erorr


IT seems dns are not propagated or set properly which domain provider you are using

i cant see the ip of this domain

Thanks for reply

private Nameservers change

A record in DNS Settings (cyberpanel)

At your registrar, where you pointed your domain to your nameservers, specify also the nameservers IP, instead of just the domain.

Without providing the IP as well (glue records), it can’t find itself.
That only works if you are not hosting the nameservers yourself, because you are, you need to specify the nameserver IP.

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Please explain More

Sent message.
It’s easier to show you by anydesk

How to fix it


my page has had the same problem for 2 days.
Computers with a VPN can log in. I tried dns inide did not help.
I couldn’t find a solution