DNS Lookup Time and Windows DNS Cache

For DNS Resolution testing purposes… I want to disable all DNS caches in my Windows 7

Still I keep seeing “DNS Lookup : 0 ms” for consecutive requests of the same domain.

I’ve tried the obvious “ipconfig /flushdns”, and also stopping totally the service:

net stop dnscache
also this command makes the same effect:

net stop “DNS Client”
and also I know Browser are caching DNS Lookups for very short time. So I flush their caches, close-open the browser, or I open the same domain in different browsers (Firefox, chrome, chrome incognito, IE ) to bypass that DNS Cache.

So the first time, DNS Lookup time can be 25ms (using but then the next DNS Lookup is cached somewhere in the system and time is 0ms. And only goes away if I wait around 3 to 5 minutes to repeat the request.

What can I do to force the system to resolve the DNS every single time, even it’s 5 seconds between the same DNS request ?

Has anything to do with keep-alive or some kind of re-use of TCP connections by Windows ? It shouldn’t, because I re-open the browser. But I’m out of ideas,

Could you shed some light on this issue?

Thank you

Disable your dns client service in windows :stuck_out_tongue: