DNS Issue

I am having issue with DNS for past one week.

I am having two cyberpanels installed in two separate digitaloccean droplets, and host 6-7 websites.

we have big dns problem and I am unable to find it.

Panel 1 Websites:


Panel 2 Websites:


I dont know the issue.

Can anyone please guide me?

Panel 1 DNS seems to be controlled by Cloudflare

Do private message me the DNS configurations you did for these sites. I will have a check

I have created Nameserver in namecheap with ns1 and n4 to cyberpanel-1 and ns2 and n3 to cyberpanel-2.

I will share the login details of both in PM.

Please check if everything is working fine. I think it should work fine now.
You can restart both the server for changes to take effect

Can you please tell me what was the issue?

you have configured incomplete DNS

If you can explain the mistake, that will be helpful for others.
Thanks a lot

It wasn’t a mistake. DNS was not configured for your nameservers. This is basics of DNS.

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Today again the issue started.
I think there is some major issue with the DNS part.

When adding nameserver, you need to configure the nameserver with the server IP using glue record in the domain registrar and then you need to make sure you have assigned A record DNS for the nameserver entries with your server IP value.

You can search DNS configuration and basics in youtube to learn more about how DNS works and what are the basic records of DNS for any domain.

I have done those things my friend.
As explained yesterday.

DNS changes takes approx 48 hours to propagate. Wait if you are sure that the DNS is correctly configured for you.