DNS domain not listed in drop down

This might have been answered but I can’t seem to find it. I am trying to host dns for a site hosted on a 2nd install of cyber panel (that is not running DNS). When I created a DNS Zone for the domain it said it created it. When I went to add the records on Add/Delete Records the domain is not listed on the “Select Domain” drop down. How do I get it to show up so that I can add the domain records (A, CName, MX, etc).

you use build 1 ? correct ? i faced this problem at build 1… try to upgrade if you still use build 1

I am using Current Version 2.1.

Just re-run the cyberpanel upgrade command and see if that resolves your issue.

No change. It still isn’t listed but it is in/on the system because I can’t add it again.

Just to make sure, are you trying to find your domain on the cyberpanel setup where DNS service is not installed?