DKIM Signature Invalid on [SOLUTION]

General fix: [SOLUTION]
No matter your domain is hosted on cloudflare, godaddy etc. this will work on all.
Quick fix (TXT record default._domainkey and set TTL of default._domainkey to 600 seconds or less.)
default._domainkey is a DKIM TXT record value.

CyberPanel shows:
"v=DKIM1; h=sha256; k=rsa; " "p=CIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEArp5UWF8v6qt25/GZIVc7ZbJg4IyiCNLqB1Y5zguBCcl5/I65mGMJaWVsN88a4vS5pMkSVQD+zZDylb5QewVWLYY27uJb2XGo8iJ2b+OiB2Ruf3OrhiU7IanGerh58E+h5hTxHc/wigCJJ0UgLh00aDS42YY4klhzqunoa1Tt2bY2Z4+m8xTmzLk9ryEZMtXXxnN3Wm6aBDMyCC" "NyutbF1ts25sjuRJZM12WFCNr1gQQ5JtR3XNgL1iP2hwMaQKbvayoNAuZpl6Fvosw4VCqcchYy+1zavm+G+WyoutUTkzcdu7CTC1G4iXSR51mD1hAqnmJJTyaksw+JzeNpIIoPYQIDAQAC"

Don’t remove all quotations ("")
Remove only 4 quotations.
e.g (Don’t remove any quotation inside p=)
v=DKIM1; h=sha256; k=rsa; p=CIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEArp5UWF8v6qt25/GZIVc7ZbJg4IyiCNLqB1Y5zguBCcl5/I65mGMJaWVsN88a4vS5pMkSVQD+zZDylb5QewVWLYY27uJb2XGo8iJ2b+OiB2Ruf3OrhiU7IanGerh58E+h5hTxHc/wigCJJ0UgLh00aDS42YY4klhzqunoa1Tt2bY2Z4+m8xTmzLk9ryEZMtXXxnN3Wm6aBDMyCC" "NyutbF1ts25sjuRJZM12WFCNr1gQQ5JtR3XNgL1iP2hwMaQKbvayoNAuZpl6Fvosw4VCqcchYy+1zavm+G+WyoutUTkzcdu7CTC1G4iXSR51mD1hAqnmJJTyaksw+JzeNpIIoPYQIDAQAC

How to fix in details
remove quotation before v=DKIM1
remove quotation after k=rsa;
remove quotation before p=
remove last quotation.
Don’t remove any quotation inside p=

and then add that record in txt default._domainkey
by default TTL will be 1 Hour. ALERT!
change TTL of default._domainkey to 600 seconds or less.

and then test again mail with and am sure this time the error fixed. If the error fixed then again change the TTL of default._domainkey to 1 Hour.

detailed article: link.

missleading info in my opinion
yCC" "Nyut this mean nothing

same like yCCNyut
better to remove it because cloudflare not recognize "

Not misleading. Its takes around 2 hours to fix myself. and then I shared the solution here.

Nothing misleading info here. Just wondering why cyberpanel need to generate β€œβ€ everywhere else DKIM is without β€œβ€ .
@hassam you could save 2 hour of your time using search function on here.

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Only β€œβ€ these effects your DKIM remove d all these β€œβ€ and use

Is there any good reason those are first place on cyberpanel DKIM?

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