DKIM Keys error and invalid

How are you? I need help with the DKIM settings that I have not been able to resolve.
In I used the DKIM Record Checker and I got as a result DKIM Status, INVALID Selector default
I saw in other message ( that it might be the issue of the quotation marks “”, I removed them and the problem is still there.

I notice that in the DKIM MANAGER for my domain, when I see the characters of the public key, in the middle is a text with quotes and also a long space…

… FW3oI9Do1qPks2G"
"wJ8u1TIVERDJd+CCpID/N+EIrt7g …

is it normal?
Any idea?
Best regards,

I’m doing an update since I solved the problem. The quotation marks must indeed be removed, but there are also some quotation marks and space appearing in the key in the middle of the text. They must be removed.
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