Divi Wordpress Theme Hangs at 75%, Saving Issues

I’m using the Divi Theme builder on WP 6.1, and when I try to apply a template, and also performing certain tasks like modifying pages, either the template hangs at 75% or I get critical errors.

Did some troubleshooting with Divi and they say it’s a ModSecurity issue, my sysadmin says it’s ModSecurity but doesn’t seem to know either. I don’t want to disable ModSecurity, but it is impeding my work.

Is there a way to whitelist this theme, or are there some permissions that got screwed up during out WP migration that I can fix?

Thank you in advance.

Welcome @Mouser Happy you are here

Did you try on safe mode - Divi → Support Center and toggle on the setting for Safe Mode. It can just be a plugin conflict or installed the Divi Builder with the Divi Theme (completely haram), browser extensions (extenstions that inject js to headers/footers or that block certain content on webpages)

Ah, smart. That could be why it seems to work sometimes and not others. I will try.
OK, tried it. Safe mode wasn’t enough. I had to disable all extensions for the child site, that too did nothing, then I went to the main parent site and disabled all extensions.

Now to figure out the culprit. Thank you. Divi and my sysadmin should have advised as you did.
Now I’m looking at them funny. :slight_smile: