Diskspace usage emails

So my server diskspace usage is at 51% and the server is literally sending me 15 emails per day informing me about the diskspace usage.

Current disk usage at “/” is 51 percent. No action required.

How can I stop this?

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Disable notifications Configure Mail for CyberPanel Notifications

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure if disabling all notification is the solution i’m looking for though. I’ll just change the incScheduler.py for now

Hi Joseph

I’m currently facing the same issue. However in the documentation you provided, I cannot find any option to actually disable the notifictions, only on how to set up the mail service which sends them. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

Hi SebastianSchaefer, welcome to the community!

I was not able to find any settings anywhere, so I ended up changing the script in incScheduler.py to raise the treshold. I get the notifications starting at 70% now.
As far as I was able to see in the script, there is no mechanisme in place to change these values from the interface.

Best of luck!