Discord mod

as it seems that no admin or mod or any staff is ever online anymore on discord do i like to apply to become a mod on discord

on that was at least some one can take care of the spam that ruins discord …
my discord tag
[VPS Data] PowerChaos#5274

Thank you
Greetings from PowerChaos

welcome back

admin and mod not afk for 2 years i think

i am not active on the forum, only on discord :smiley:
and i want to get rid of the spam that is building up on discord as now it is a nightmare to even talk normally with all those " free nitro" spam and scammers

this is only 1 post , and it is from 16/12/2021 … that is almost 3 months ago …

Greetings from PowerChaos

also just for fun
this how most of the channels look , this post is from 15-12-2021 …

but why do i even need to post ths on the forum ? if a mod/admin would just login to discord they could take care of it …

you think all user use discord to get help ?
if you want give a hand
it should be anywhere


just my opinion


i was talking about the spam report
staff is supposed to take care of it
and it is not my responsibility to provide support , i am not staff and got my own things to do

but i want to keep discord clean of spam and fake links and viruses
and i specially hate it when i get pings all the time because a bot is spamming a channel and nothing get done about it

also fun fact
i should not even need to apply for mod, as it is not my task to take care of it in first place
i just do this so i can help the community
and because i am also mod on a other server so i can easy take care of both servers.

but i do not going spend my time to take care of the forum and clean up the forum ,
unless i get paid for it to do it , else i got other stuff to take care off

Greetings from PowerChaos

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Discourse (this site) is now the official community of CyberPanel. It doesn’t serve anyone’s purpose to have numerous platforms with minimal attention and lots of redundancy.

As such, I’ve been urging those in charge to fully shut down the discord and slack servers.

If you want to make contributions, this is the place. We’ll be opening up a live chat feature here in the coming weeks or month probably, along with other stuff.

A couple suggestions

  • organize, edit, create new documentation.
  • Mark old, empty, spammy threads for deletion
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Like it…

Sorry but if you try to ruin the progress of evolution then sticking to a forum only is the way to go …

Discord got active users and probably a lot more then this forum
Why ? Because people do not like to make huge posts on forums anymore and just like to chat in a chat room. Welcome to 2022

A livechat is a risky thing. But I guess you do not mind to 24/7 send the reply to look on the forum ( welcome to chatbots. The most annoying smart ai you can have. Always wrong answer and it won’t improve a thing )

If you want to remove discord and things you suggest then press that big delete button and move on
If not then make me mod or clean up discord yourself

Also only reason I am here on the forum is to ask this. Last visit was 2 years ago for a reason …

For me cyberpanel works as needed. So I can just make a snapshot of it or follow the github
So there is no reason for me to be on this forum
Be happy I want to help some users on discord

But it is not my call and if it was up to you then cyberpanel won’t exist anymore as you just trow out a lot of clients. Even now when there are still a few left on discord that helps others

Greetings from PowerChaos

agree with this lol

Ok powerchaos. Take care

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Also you are talking about “discourse” when you got “flarum forum “ that is written in Perl and use Ruby to run
Funny is that is is exactly the same and is freeware
Take a look at https://forum.serverhosting.tech
And probably a lot easier to modify then this forum software

Forums are of the old days
Discord is the new forum.
But that is just my opinion ofcourse :slightly_smiling_face:

You talk about livechat. Then I wonder what makes it differend compared to discord exept that it is a one on one chat

Greetings from PowerChaos