I started migrating my servers to CP by making a lot of false assumptions that this is a finished product and cPanel replacement, as they claim, but this is far from the truth.

Assumption #1: Cloudflare Sync
Apparently CP only pushes DNS changes to Cloudflare and doesn’t read entries from Cloudflare, not mention properly sync and merge. This has lead me to use Cloudflare manually since my setup is complex (different server for web/mail plus 3rd party services).

Assumption #2: OS Support
My plan was for my private servers to be on Ubuntu and shared servers on Almalinux in order to take advantage of cgroups (although cgroups are supported by Ubuntu but CP docs say otherwise). Firstly; Ubuntu 22 is not yet supported, installation hangs at acme.sh script. I won’t use Ubuntu 20 at this point as I will need to upgrade in just 2 years. Went with Almalinux for all servers (no big deal), only to realize website limits (cgroups) are only supported on LSE, not OLS. OLS clearly supports cgroups: Using cgroups v2 with OpenLiteSpeed – OpenLiteSpeed

Assumption #3: Rspamd Integration
I bought the addons bundle to benefit from email debugging and rspamd (which I already use and I am familiar with). Installed it and practically the GUI options I get are either to enable/disable it and whether it should reject or flag messages. No whitelisting/blacklisting, no manual learn (ham/spam), not even access to its own GUI. Dovecot isn’t even configured for it…

Assumption #3a: Emails properly configured
Dovecot doesn’t create default folders. There are no preconfigured sieves whatsoever including rspamd ham/spam learning.

I know someone from the support team will say “if you have problems open ticket”, I am a paying customer after all. But the thing is I do not need your support; I am a certified linux sys admin ffs. All I wanted was a hosting software cheaper than cPanel for my websites and emails so I can continue on with my work. On the contrary I had to put my work aside so I could spend 2 days setting up things that should be working by default.

I will be sharing my configuration in a few days and I expect them to be included in CP as I will be setting up more of this.

Hello @rallisf1

Thank you for your feedback.

Cloudflare Sync is buggy and has been reported to relevant team concerned. As for OS support which version of cyberpanel are using ?

I would advice you check the forum for relevant topics as a start.

What help would you like maybe open a topic here for support.