Disable Incremental backup / restoration for user


i thoroughly checked, tested and studied many aspects about cyberpanel. So far all seems quite nice but being a reseller when i will provide a shared hosting account to my client, by all means he will have incremental back/restore function which does mean that he will be able to create or restore data at any point. it is good for accounts which consumed small space/data but in case if someone will have 100GB data in one account and he tries to generate number of incremental backups and execute restoration again and again, it will cause a huge load on the server.
As per my understanding, incremental backup and restoration option should not be allowed to client or it can be disabled/enabled by admin under ACL.
Hope Mr. Usman will surely understand, reply to this thread and try to include this feature.


seems a valid point.

Seems really more than valid for serious parties and individuals who are considering to use this control panel for reselling purposes so Mr. Usman, please take a look and i am sure that it is not a big task for you to execute changes. simply allow in ACL, whether admin should allow incremental backup and restore to users or not.