Direct Admin to Cyberpanel

How do I restore a directAdmin panel tar.zst backup to Cyberpanel?
Please advise.

you have to create site here upload zip and other extract that

I tried it, but cyberpanel only recognizes tar.gz not tar.zst files.

So i tried converting it but it didn’t work… Error pic attached.

Also, if I have multiple websites in the backup file, do I have to first create each website individually then do the restore?

dont create the site at cyberpanel. It will be autocreated from the backup (thats how its done with the cpanel migration to cyberpanel). you can use the same method.

How many sites you have in total to migrate? If its less than 10 then its better you manually restore each site as that will have very less chance of errors.

hmmmm …sir…
@salsync talk about directadmin

The process is same/similar

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so… we can use cyberpanel migration script for directadmin ?

The process is similar because the paths are same in my wild guess regarding directadmin. You will have to try and see if it works fine.

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dont have and use directadmin yet hahahahha


Don’t do restore from here copy your file somewhere extract and manually move in the directory of your website