Difference in All add-ons vs All add-ons (one payment)

Hello friends, the time has come to upgrade, and I am now confused by the descriptions in the price. I see support for backups2 and SSLv2 only for one payment.

Does that mean if I want to pay yearly All addons, these new services will not be there?

And does the possible license affect the upgrade change for my server while keeping the same IP. I am planning a gradual hw expansion in the future. But it shouldn’t, I guess what I read in another thread was about possibly changing the server and a different IP. I would be happy for enlightenment and I can already buy and configure this :slight_smile:

Sincerely MoDDO / Hostera

I was checking that earlier one time payment they don’t allow IP change in future if you need to move or upgrade server.

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I can upgrade while keeping the IP. I wouldn’t mind this, it’s more a question of whether the two services described are part of the annual subscription (All addons).

No relevant response on this topic in almost a whole month? :thinking:

Because we do not understand your question ?

What have you done so far ? Meaning what did you buy or what are you subscribed to currently ?

I’m sorry if it’s not clear, I’m not a native speaker.

But in the addons it says it includes the above mentioned extra services. And OTP I understand that I pay once and if I don’t want another year of support, I don’t have to buy anything extra.

All Addons (One-time payment) - All CyberPanel Add-ons including WordPress Manager, Apache as Reverse Proxy, Backupsv2, SSLv2, RSPAMD Manager and more… It also includes 1 year of support.

But for All Addons with one year regular payment, I don’t see these services there. So I wonder if this is intentional or just a bug.

All CyberPanel Add-ons including WordPress Manager, RSPAMD Manager and more…

And those services are Backupsv2 and sslv2.

I would just like to get a regular annual membership. If I already had one, I probably wouldn’t ask and see. :slight_smile: