Deploy Moodle on KVM -4

Current Server: Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with CyberPanel
Current Version:2.3
Current Commit: 075a7ca82fd66e04609263e3a77f8d5b0325fdf0
Latest Version:2.3
Latest Build:4
Latest Commit: 9de252a75e62017702bd399f5014d306a1c8c7a0

Hi Everyone,
I need advise on the deployment of Moodle at KVM-4. I’m new here and need some advice. i have hosted the moodle as a sub domain in shared based hosting. Now i have bought the primary domain for moodle and need to be connect with KVM-4. I just need to know about the servers we have in KVM.

OS with Control Panel: Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with CyberPanel.
Availabe option is:
AlmaLinux 8 64bit with Virtualmin
AlmaLinux 8 64bit with Webuzo
Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with HestiaCP
AlmaLinux 8 64bit with Plesk
By default, i was using Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with CyberPanel. I have no idea about the other template.

Plain OS:
AlmaLinux 8 64bit
CentOS 8 Stream 64bit
Rocky Linux 8 64bit
Rocky Linux 9 64bit
Ubuntu 22.04 64bit
Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Desktop
Ubuntu 23.04 64bit
I don’t know which one need to be used for.

Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Django
Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Joomla
Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Node.js
Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Rails
Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with WordPress

These are the available option and i need to install the moodle from backup file. i just need help to select the correct setting and OS for our moodle. We expect prompt response from our specialist.

Welcome @BasitAmeerT Happy you are here

Kindly follow Moodle documentation for deployment then get back to us as to what you have tried or what has failed for further assistance

If you are asking about infrastructure requirements see Docs - CyberPanel Community

I have already install the moodle on sub domain. now i need to connect primary domain with KVM. Is this possible to upload backup file in Cyber panel file manager once the domain is connected? Actually, i’m stuck with all of these features which is nearly new for me. I will still follow documentation for moodle. Thank you,

Seems you did not follow documentation Docs - CyberPanel Community

Do not improvise your own methods just use recommended way to create a proper website with cyberpanel. If you run into any issues cyberpanel related raise a topic here.

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