Deleted Websites still accessible if created with Wordpress Addon

Hi Team,

I am using the WordPress Addon and created a couple of websites. However, when I delete the website from the WordPress Screen (https://domain:8090/websites/ListWPSites), the record in Cyberpanel is deleted. However, the Database and Website files are still present on the server, and the website is still accessible!

I tried to simulate the same with the Traditional way by creating a Website and installing Wordpress. In such cases, Delete Website is correctly deleting all files and databases.

Can you please check and let me know if you are unable to simulate.

PS - I am on the latest CyberPanel update as of today
Current Version: 2.3
Build: 4
Current Commit: 7d03fb6de16dfe9036aafc241e2c46e5bda64ef4

Hello @reshampanth

Is this centos 7 or ubuntu 22 ?

Hey @josephgodwinke ,

It is Ubuntu 20.04

Wordpress will only remove wordpress installtion not the site please use delete site and then all will be gone

Thank you for your reply @shoaibkk

You can see below is the structure that I currently have. I have a Website called Then I have several Wordpress installs on this Website ( eg.

If I delete the Wordpress install for, only the record gets deleted from Cyberpanel. The files and database are still present.

If I delete the Site, then it will delete all the Wordpress installs in the site!

Ideally ‘Delete Wordpress’ should get rid of the Wordpress database and the files created for the installation…

I hope I was able to explain it better

Got it i will check in detials with devs and yes it should tell only wp data like files etc