Deleted sub domain not fully removed


I removed from CyberPanel (Connected to Cloudflare)
But it does not remove the subdomain totally.

The folder for the subdomain is automatically created by CyberPanel, but no indication on CyberPanel of it’s existence, other than the error in the log.

No traces in CloudFlare either.

Today when I was in SSH, I got this message:

In that file I got this error.
And yes I know about django, that domain is an issue by it self.

This have been explained multiple times as to why this happens

and if you want to actually delete the related folder then read this doc to the end → 8 - How to delete Child Domain in CyberPanel? - CyberPanel

Also CyberPanel don’t auto delete domains from Cloudflare

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Perhaps remove or let this button inside the main domain do the same?
I would like to delete it from the main domain instead of having to list all sub-domains on it’s own list.
I’m normally just inside the main domain, and the full subdomain list is there.

Sadly if you delete it from here now, it removes the domain and continues to create the folder, and SSL every day with errors on SSL cannot be created.


But meanwhile you can use it from list domain as it will solve your problem.

I will add this option here later.

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Same issue still exist. When trying to delete subdomain the FTP,DB and all still exist.