Default Wordpress email problems

Installed Cyberpanel and use Namecheap. After installing Wordpress my default sending email became I cannot find it on my cyberpanel or namecheap. Can you advise on how to properly setup the email? Here are my screenshots. Have in the Wordpress General Setting admin email. The emails work and Snappy can be accessed. Just need to add to Wordpress. Apparently only one embedded file per post so let me combine the screenshots.

Hi @opholdings,

this is a fairly beginners’ topic and you should take a look at general Wordpress instructions.

Firstly, you need to install an SMTP plugin in your wordpress and then pass the credentials inside the SMTP plugin settings.

Also, try to hide every part of the images you post with sensitive content (e.g. the link with the token for password restore and your login username, maybe your domain too, should be hided).

After installing SMTP and checking some online relative guides, feel free to inform us how did that go and ask further help.

Thanks a lot!