Debugging cyberpanel


Im running cyberpanel with litespeed enterprise 1 free domain. Around once a week, my server is doing something weird that i dont know how to debug. Just now i got an error 500 on my website, and cyberpanel did not respond on port 8090. Had to login via ssh and restart the server, then everything worked perfect again. How can i debug this ? The cyberpanel logs for today is empty

If your site gives you 500 error, CyberPanel should not be down as they run on a totally different server. CyberPanel runs on a separate daemon named as LSCPD.

Since 1 free domain is limited to only 2GB ram, do you have enough available? Maybe processes are being killed and restarted due to ram.

You need to check web server logs and not CyberPanel logs in such case, more details at