Debug related PHP extensions in production

Hello dear community,

Current Version:2.3
Current Commit:f337f895514e0f9eb5240976e09f18cca161cc14
OS: Almalinux 8.8
But the question applies to all versions and OSs:

Is it safe/recommended to uninstall all “debug” related php extensions that are by default installed and running, in production?

For example: lsphp81-bcmath-debuginfo.x86_64,lsphp81-dba-debuginfo.x86_64,lsphp81-common-debuginfo.x86_64, and the list goes on.

I get the general idea is that in Production environments all debug related extensions should be disabled but maybe they are pre-enabled for a reason.

An additional question is that are there any specific PHP extensions that are needed for Cyberpanel to work? For example snmp and sodium can be potentially disabled if the apps/websites hosted on the server do not use them.

I also get that pre-enabling all extensions is better for newcomers and general support, I am not debating it. I just want to confirm that default enabled extensions are only there as suggestions and not as required.

Anyone got any ideas about the above? Any information would be appreciated.

Thank a lot!