Dear Admin Plese Help Me with PRICING!

Hello Sir,
First of all Great Product. Enjoying The Best Control panel on my Digital Ocean VPS.

So I want to Ask that How Does License for 5 Sites Works.
Like is I Buy One Big VPS from DO and Divide In package and Share Resource among 5 Sites in the same Panel and Same VPS.

Or I can Install 5 New VPS in DO with Individual needs and then each Hosting one Site. So can I use the License with 5 Different VPS with each 1 Sites.

Cuz I Feel sharing Resource will not give the Best Outcome in One VPS.

Please Help me clear this.
And Will Buying the 38 Dollar Serve the need for my agency But Installing the License Key individually in each VPS:)

Then Sir whats This cyber panel Enterprise? Sir.
I know It includes Light Speed Web Server do we have any extra special features In the enterprise version?

Thanks for Response :slight_smile:

You can only use each license on one vps, so if you buy the $38 dollar license, you can only use it on one vps.