DBUsers matching query does not exist. [544][5009]

Just recently started having issues with backups and cyber panel.
They all seem to be similar permissions based issues?

Will first initiate backup repo…
Repo local initiated for *domain
DBUsers matching query does not exist. [544][5009]

Please if anyone know how to fix this

Also getting this which I’m guessing is related to the same issue…

Fatal: unable to open repo at /home/domain.co.za/incbackup: ReadDir: open /home/domainn.co.za/incbackup/keys: permission denied
. [5009].

open file manager and click on the wrench symbol so it fix usergroup permissions
not sure about the backups as i do not use that
i create backups a other way :smiley:

Greetings from PöwerChaos

Thanks for the reply… Yeah I have definitely tried the fix permissions button - I’m also getting this error when trying to restart cyberpanel, + SSH terminal no longer works… Might be all related?

systemctl restart lscpd

** (pkttyagent: 181607) : WARNING **: 12:20:11.342: Unable to register authentication agent: GDBus. Error:org .freedesktop. Policykit

  1. Error Failed: Cannot determine user of sub ject
    Error registering authentication agent: GDBus. Error:org .freedesktop. PolicyKit1. Error. Failed: Cannot determine user of subject (p
    olkit-error-quark, 0)

if you can , just do a clean install as it seems a lot of permissions got messed up :frowning:

or you can try to run the update script and hopely it fix the permissoins for you

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