Database upload issues

I followed everything as per (4 - Change Upload Limit for phpMyAdmin - CyberPanel) also restart php but still Import file display as (Max: 2,048KiB) and not able to upload my database
What next to upload my database and active my sites . I had issues at aapanel and ,move here but here different issues . Centos7 contabo server

You need to change the default max upload limit as per your preference bro in the PHP settings. Login to your cyberpanel and under PHP you will see option to edit php config, there select php 7.3 option and then change upload_max_filesize to anything you wish.

Hi , I changed that for php 7.4 as I used Php7.4 but that not reflect on phpmyadmin Import page

Now it working

Phpmyadmin and cyberpanel setup uses php7. 3
You will need to change php 7.3 settings for the changes to happen.

When I try to backup individual website ( /backup/scheduleBackup ) after submit 1 , below error display
Operation Failed!

get() returned more than one NormalBackupJobs – it returned 3!

Also how can I keep database backup of each site