Database not backing up

I created a database via phpmyadmin but when i back my website up. it only backs up the web files and not the database. How can I link a database created via phpmyadmin to my website? What should I do for it to be linked to a website?

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Check if you are using special characters in your database password

I am not, but i created the db in phpmyadmin and everytime I check on my site on what database it is linked to, it shows nothing. How can I link a database created in phpmyadmin to my website?

The recommended way to create databases on Cyberpanel is https://SERVER_URL:8090/dataBases/createDatabase anything else wunt work

Go to Cyberpanel Dashboard → Databases → PHPMYAdmin

Look for cyberpanel database under it is a table called databases_databases. Here you can tie an existing database and database user to an existing website. Just insert new row

Note the database username and password should have been created using cyberpanel and no other way

sorry i don;t actually know how to tie an existing database and use to existing site. should i rename it?

Recommended way is to dump that database and create a new database using CyberPanel. Then export the dump to the new cyberpanel created database for your respective website

thank you. appreciate the help.

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