Database backups not working

When I create a backup for a domain iun Cyberpanel and open the zip the database is there but empty. This is happening for all domains databases big or small.

When I try to download one through phpmyadmin it works but missing tables on bigger databases.

Do you have latest CyberPanel?

Current Version




Latest Version


Latest Build


Also when I try to do a database deump in command line Linux I get mysqldump: unknown variable ‘query_cache_size=24M’ Seems there is no way for me to backup my bigger databases. One is 500mb

So I updated the
in /etc/my.cnf and still cant download more than around 30mb through phpmyadmin. Any ideas?

sorry oot

can you install wordpress ?
just test it
install to sub folder

Yes have man wordpress sites on both old server and new server. Not sure how this has anything to do with my issues? When I try to export a database in phpmyadmin I can only get about 30mb of the total database size.

Can you show the contents of my.cnf file?

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