Database Backup default port error

We updated Cyberpanel, and now when we try to create a database backup, we are receiving this error:

[05.04.2024_12-50-39] mysqldump --defaults-extra-file=/home/cyberpanel/.my.cnf -u root --host=localhost –port 3306 test_prestashop
mysqldump: Got error: 2002: “Can’t connect to server on ‘localhost’ (111)” when trying to connect
[05.04.2024_12-50-39] Database: test_prestashop could not be backed! [createDatabaseBackup]
[05.04.2024_12-50-39] Failed to create database backup for nest_prestashop. This could be false positive, moving on.
[05.04.2024_12-50-39] ac4xnW1Gro8eJouzTI51rok7+cPowD6Lsudo mv /home/cyberpanel/nest_prestashop.sql /home/backup/px89G/test_prestashop.sql

We are not using the default mysql port, I run the command changing to the correct port, and the backup works perfectly.

Anyone Know where is the script for change the default port to the correct?

I added the port on the /home/cyberpanel/.my.cnf, but didn’t work.

Some other parts of CyberPanel may also stop working with custom MySQL port.

Unfortunately there is no fixed way to do this now.

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