Dangling 'A' Records CloudFlare

Hello, does anyone know how to fix this with Cloudflare?
I keep having this on CloudFlare’s " Security Insights"
All of my domain and subdomains do work, even if I get the warning about Dangling ‘A’ Records.
They are all behind Cloudflare’s orange clouds.

DNS ‘A’ Records are pointing to IP addresses you may no longer control. You have a higher risk of subdomain takeover.

Any screenshots of the message? I haven’t come across such yet.

Is your A record IP pointing to your server itself?

The one missing TLS is the mail domain, i haven’t figured out if I can get the mail domain behind TLS (CloudFlare) Email Routing, but that has nothing to do with the dangling of records.

Do you have any files hosted on those subdomains? If not, and it returns a 404 not found error then cloudflare will detect it as Dangling A record. Add index file to those subdomains or remove it when not using it.

I have files on all subdomains.
Except for the mail.newstargeted.com domain.

Also when I make a new subdomain, it also creates a new mail.subdomain.domain.com A record.
Didn’t even choose “mail” on the subdomain in CyberPanel.

I just checked and got to know that its just a beta service by cloudflare and their detection method is false-positive. You can ignore it safely or else contact cloudflare asking an explanation on why its treated as dangling A record when the records are all correct.

EDIT: Please send a screenshot of your current DNS entries for your domain in question in private message. LEt me have a look.