Hi all,

I’m running OpenLiteSpeed server with CyberPanel.
On that server I host 3 websites and email addresses for those domains.

My question is, how can I enable and add/create DANE/TLSA record?
I know that I have to add TLSA DNS record (I’m using CloudFlare).

I followed this tutorial:
Hands-on: implementing DANE in Postfix | Cybersecurity | SIDN

Unfortunately, no success.

//email/testTo: (checktls.com) Results: (for each domain is the same)

Also, has anyone succeeded to add MTASTS & DANE?

I would appreciate any help!
Thank you!


Okay, I managed to fix everything.

If someone needs help, please let me know!

Please share with us how you configured to get ‘OK’ mark for MTASTS and DANE.

Please share how you were able to do this.