CyberPanel won't connect to Panel and Rainloop

Hi Guys,

I’m new here. Just installed CybeyPanel for the first time.
Everything went fine with the installation process. But after I have got my server installation details after successful installation, I cannot log in to my Panel and my RainLoop. The URLs provided aren’t loading.

Note that I have replaced my real IP address with: IPadress

Visit: https://IPadress:8090 : web page Doesn’t Load
Panel username: admin
Panel password: *****

            Visit: https://IPadress:7080            : web page Loads         
            WebAdmin console username: admin                   
            WebAdmin console password:         
            Visit: https://IPadress:8090/rainloop/?admin     : web pageDoesn't load
            Rainloop Admin username:                     
            Rainloop Admin password:  

Please what am I doing wrong? I need help with this ASAP. Thanks guys.

7080 is ols
firewall ?

I cleared Iptables and the pages are loading now. But i noticed that after every restart, I get locked out of my server again. How do I open these ports and leave them open permanently? 21,22,53,25,80,433,8090,7080,587,465,110,143,993, 40110-40210

I saw someone else say something like this on this group.

have you try csf -x ?
then when u can access 8090
you can set on firewall/security
if from cli i affraid it will crash with default cyberpanel config (never try… maybe…just maybe)


Which hosting provider are you using for your VPS? The reason for you not able to access the IP address is because of restricted firewall. You have a firewall in place where you need to open all the essential ports for you to have access to your sites and panel.

Contact your hosting provider to guide you about the firewall they have and to guide you to allow all these essential ports.

Apart from that you can also try disabling the cyberpanel firewall for timebeing and see if that works for you.

execute this command to stop cyberpanel firewall

sudo systemctl stop firewalld

Contacted my host. They helped me disable firewalls. Thanks, guys :hugs: