Cyberpanel website root directory issues

Previously when I create a website on CyberPanel and visit the website it showed - Cyberpanel is
Installed page as an index.

But now if I add a website it shows this page while I didn’t change anything to change that root directory.

How can I fix this and revert to default.


Welcome @Zer01ne Happy you are here

Please include which version of cyberpanel you are using as instructed here How to ask for assistance?

To answer your question uninstall apache seems its installed. Always perform a cyberpanel installation on a clean os

Current Version:  2.3
Build:  4 
Current Commit:  479582a7b9b193690909c9215e2df3546dd05727
Latest Version:  2.3
Latest Build:  4
Latest Commit:  479582a7b9b193690909c9215e2df3546dd05727

Have you chcked if apache is installed /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -v

It uninstalled that but I can’t test it for this issue Can't Delete or add a domain CyberPanel - #5 by josephgodwinke

What do you mean?

  1. Check your browser cache you may need to clear it
  2. Check your file manager if there is index file that you added or was added
  3. Check rewrite rules

I mean it was installed and I uninstalled Apache.

Done and did check from different country with a different browser, still same.

As there’s no directory for it so there is no files.

cat: /home/*****.com/public_html/.htaccess: No such file or directory

Uninstall it

Make sure there is No mysql/mariadb No ftp server No powerdns before a clean installation. Contact your server provider for more information about this.

Thanks the problem is resolved