CyberPanel vs OpenLiteSpeed Django One-Click app

I want to know in term of performance, which is better. Install django on cyberpanel or OpenLiteSpeed Django One-Click app.

It depends if you are a more technical guy and you can manage things without a control panel you can go with plain OpenLiteSpeed image because it does not contain Mail Server and other stuff that you might not need.

However, both runs OpenLiteSpeed on the backend, with CyberPanel it will be easy for you to manage things and will save you more time.

Apart from that, you can also disable services that you won’t need on CyberPanel giving you the same performance as the plain image.

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Thanks you for the answer.
But i am talking about website performance not the server performance. The website speed and optimization are the same?

CyberPanel image and Django image use OpenLiteSpeed as a web server, so website performance is the same.

But now it depends upon available resources for the server process(s). As I said above if you use CyberPanel image you have an additional process consuming server resources which you can stop and get the same performance as the Django image.

But if your Droplet is large enough then eventually performance is the same.

Hello I opened this topic on the Openlitespeed forum and on Digital Ocean there is a decent performance difference.

If you just use one-click and configure the basics, the site without Cyberpanel seems to handle better database queries, for example with product filters in WP:

Has anyone else been able to compare this?

I had two installations, one with WP+Openlitespeed (one-click) and the other Cyber(one-click)+WP+OLSCACHE

And the installation without Cyber consulted 25% faster.