CyberPanel very, very slow! Only two websites!

Hello friends!
I set up a server and installed CyberPanel but the sites considered too slow… it takes too long to load… Is there any improvement I can do to solve this??
Customers are complaining and I only have two sites hosted on it.

When I connected the cyberpanel + spamassasin + mail scanner to my virtual server, the occupancy of the RAM on my virtual server was 87% (RAM 1GB), and the full loading of the site began to occur in 3-4 seconds, although earlier it was less than 500 milliseconds. I haven’t changed anything. I just connected the cyberpanel and mail services. Despite the fact that the load has increased greatly, I have not been able to get the mail services to work correctly. Mail is delayed but not sent. Although the mail server is configured correctly, and there are no restrictions in the firewall. Before this I used the Plesk control panel, and there were no such problems. Now I’m looking for how to remove the cyberpanel. Apparently, you need to reinstall the virtual server, having previously backed up all websites.

@nettux I am only a recent user/convert of CyberPanel, however I have experienced it to be very quick, there are a few questions that you should clarify first…

  • Is this a fresh install? How long ago was it installed? has it always been slow?
  • Is it your own hardware or a VM host’s environment?
  • Have you tried creating a VM on your local machine to try and replicate the issue?
  • If it is a hosted VM, can the host porovide any logging or diagnostics for you to look at, or can they investigate?
  • When you say “it takes too long to load” are you talking about a single or multiple web sites? or the control panel for CyberPanel?
  • What is the system configuration and what is the loads on resources when this problem is reported?

@MrZee I would suggest a new thread for you else you may get overlooked.

But before you go and create the new thread… 1GB is the minimum (it does not say recommended)… (Installing CyberPanel - CyberPanel) even Plesk says the same, you want to load up a lot of daemons, that will also use resources and create swap files just like in windows (How much RAM does your Windows 10 PC need? (2019 edition) | ZDNet) but would you run a Windows 10 machine with 1GB? It would be slow when you try to open an application… Also see my questions posted to nettux and if you need to post in a new thread, then answering those questions first should help speed things up as to a reply and most likely a quicker time to resolution as it saves guess work and asking the basic questions. Obviously some of the questions may not be applicable but it is a start and feel free to add more information along the lines of the questions. With problem solving you ask questions to the void, in that you compare, what is vs what is not. For example, you compare, it was working vs now it is not, what is the difference or what has changed in between the two statuses?

i`m wondering how you can setup customers to a not tested system. However: If you ant to use such a panel like Cyberpanel you should use enough hardware power.

in my case I switched to Ubuntu machine (VM) with 4GB Ram and 2 kernels. Runs like a charme wirh 15+ domains

@kais I think it is more people using the freebies from Oracle et-al to setup their “business” and then hit the wall when the resources are not enough. That is how I see it now, as I have seen a few adverts in the forums here and it would make sense, if I did not have my own physical servers colo in a datacentre I would look at the cheapest options to grow from, but as with anything, you get what you pay for…

@fungal you are right. I finaly switched to a cheap virtual root server with 16GB, 4 Kernels and 320SSD for 14EUR/month.

Type your comment> @Kais said:

@fungal you are right. I finaly switched to a cheap virtual root server with 16GB, 4 Kernels and 320SSD for 14EUR/month.

Where can I buy such cheap one… Any recommendation

I may be wrong by i have two virtual root servers, 16gb ram 4 Ryzen Epyc dedicated cpu cores and 320gb ssd so same specs and that was with netcup. Got one on their special offers page for only 11Eur a Month the other is 14Eurs, comes with 2.5gbps burst network, best provider i have used and i have used a lot of them