Cyberpanel version 3.0.0

I want to try the latest beta version 3.0 (development), any manual or guide to test it? To help the community a little, I feel like I am indebted because Cyberpanel helps me every day.

I have tried to update in a clean installation from the same control panel by selecting version 3.0.0 but it is not possible to update.

Please specify OS.

I have tested from the UI as well as using the upgrade script on CentOS 7 and Almalinux 8 and both fail.
In both instances /usr/local/lscp/bin/lscpd is deleted and I have to rerun the upgrade script to install 2.3.5.

Note: v3.0.0 does not support CentOS 7

lscpd deletion issue is resolved in v3.0.0 and yes cent7 is not supported anymore and better use cli for upgrade to v3.0.0 (keep in mind its not the current stable branch)

Almalinux 8
Confirmed that the deletion issue is fixed
Ran the upgrade successfully from CLI but the interface still says 2.3.5

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