CyberPanel v2.3.4 - Emails stuck in queue list

I’ve been having problems with my production email for 10 days and I just didn’t migrate to another panel because I have most of my many domains using CP and it would give me a lot of work.
Can someone help me, please?

-Updated CP panel today.
-Ports 25 and 587 open checked
-OS Ubuntu 20.04 last version


-I can’t receive or send any emails … all going to QUEUE list.

Now the CP updates doesn’t work showing this message:
Current Commit: sudo: unable to resolve host villasweb: Name or service not known 5aee24ae593cdbbf5b1ccea5ad3f9c8898d5a7b1


Hello @villasweb

Can you confirm all mail service are running - postfix, dovecot.

Can you access your webmail and send/receive emails successfully to a external email ?

Post screenshots here for help

Could you please send me the console command to verify if postfix, dovecot is running properly?

Yes, I can access webmail, and I can’t receive or send any email at all. External or internal… All emails are going to queue.

Quick forum search yields the answers to your question

Both restarted