Cyberpanel V2.1 Keeps freezing every 2-3 days

Hi there!

We are hosting our server on Linode (4 CPU, 8G RAM, 160G SSD), and we have been running Cyberpanel V2. for almost a year without any issues. Since we upgraded to V2.1, the server started to freeze every 2-3 days, and we have to reboot it to get all sites working again.

Log file show no issues.
Linode support confirmed that there is no issues on the hardware.

We are currently utilizing (35% of hard drive), and CPU is running at 6%, so there is no issue with resources.

The only variable is the Cyberpanel version (v2.1 vs v2)…

I am wondering if anybody is facing this issue, and if you can share a solution.

Much Appreciated

  1. screenshoot
  2. how you know it freeze?
  3. when your last upgrade process ?
  4. your datacenter?
  5. your spec ?
  6. how you install cyberpanel?
  7. htop result ?
  8. do you enable CSF/spamaasasin? else ?
  9. do you change some configuration manually ? (via CLI or via OLS admin panel (except 8090_))

Please upgrade your cyberpanel installation to the latest as there has been many fixes and security updates done. You can take snapshot backup of the current setup in case anything goes wrong you can restore it back. If everything works pretty fine for you with regards to all the websites hosted with the latest version, continue using the latest as its most recommended.

  2. All the sites can’t be reached
  3. Last week
  4. Toronto
  5. I included it for the server… do you need any other spec?
  6. We just followed the upgrade process…
  7. Not sure what yo mean?
  8. We have enabled Maldet, Mod Security, and CSF (we had them enabled for a year now without any issue)
  9. We did no change

We have version 2.1… I thought this is the latest?

Actually its difficult to tell or pinpoint where exactly the issue is without actually checking and debugging the server.

What you can do is check the status of openlitespeed and mariadb using this command whenever you experience the websites to be down:

sudo systemctl status lsws

sudo systemctl status mariadb

Also use this service if possible for few days and monitor if your sites go down (its free):

Thanks, will do

it should no problem with the screenshoot

when this is happen… you should check the log. why it cant be reached (can be services down, can be routing down, can be ip block,)

@die2mrw007 : his last upgrade lastweek

i think the 1st screenshoot already mention this. no problem then (it should) with your server specs

i mean the first install, do you use datacenter 1 click installer ? (we suggest to manual install and turn on watchdog)

htop is one of many tools to get info about process inside your server

@shoaibkk : is this can be make services crash ?