Cyberpanel update button and show latest actual version

Would it be too much work to add on cyberpanel version tab update button and show actual version? Like now version is 2.1.2 but if you installed it when it came out compare if you installed today even it show 2.1.2 it’s not same version. There been many small bug fixes etc… with same version would be nice to know with out digging github is my panel actually updated.

I agree there should be some method for this.

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If cannot make some reason update button. Maybe for starters create mailing list to sign up, what give info of whatever important to know if you run cyperpanel.

yeah this drives me nuts i think im on a mailing list but not sure how. we have stuff to show you apt packages or other live output seems like there could be something that does same approach while the stuff does everything up to point where it restarts lscpd process and triggers a page reload

Agreed. This is necessary.

But even better/more important would be to just have more frequent version releases and keep the current version notification mechanism as-is.

CyberPanel already seems to loosely following Semantic Versioning (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH), so it seems like the 3rd digit could be used more frequently. For example, 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 were massive updates that surely deserved to be 2.2.0, 2.3.0, etc… All of the small updates since 2.1.2 should have been 2.3.1, 2.3.2, etc…

At the same time, @usmannasir has said it would be onerous for him to officially push new updates. So, perhaps the original request here would be the easiest short-term solution: display the current commit that is installed as well as how many commits have be released since then.

Here is what the upgrade tool for this Discourse forum looks like:

A simplified version of that would be useful for CyberPanel

already posted about this decades ago lol :slight_smile:

yeah… i hope developer will give this update to us

main version - build - rev

so when we report bug or error is more easier to trace and test

for now im not use update :frowning: because i affraid i use newest 2.1.2 that contain bug and cannot revert

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i love this format :slight_smile:

and… maybe before click on upgrade… the script will copy old files to other path. just in case the update version messed up :smiley:

i hope this simply information will added soon

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