Cyberpanel Such A Hot Mess. Database Import Export SQL bug

Such a hot mess it is, Cyberpanel. I moved my site to Cyberpanel in my vps. After that I want to move it elsewhere. So I create a SQL backup from phpmyadmin database import. The exported SQL is throwing error after importing it to other platforms. Surprisingly the exported database SQL throwing error on the same machine, same Cyberpanel but a new database. Such a hot mess it is. I can’t move my site. Storage is full. I never felt so hopeless.

Having the same issue, First SSL for few days, still couldnt solve it so had to use cloudflare ssl. problems then I had back-up problems still cant make proper back ups and restore them. Try to migrate my wordpress website. Getting timeout errors. So i am trying to extract it manually. But now i am having problems importing my sql database to other servers. So i try to make a new database and import the sql i exported from with phpmyadmin (cyberpanel) and it throws connection errors even in phpmyadmin.

Simply by saying it throws error wont help you or neither us in fixing any issues. By both the users statement above, we cannot conclude anything what exactly went wrong.

If you could provide us more detailed error explanation it would be better in providing a solution to your problems.

Seems when u export with phpmyadmin the database file goes corrupt. Worked ssh and command line making a export of the database with a command.

The other issue is still not solved. When i create a back-up within cyberpanel dashboard backup > create backup. It shows the file in filemanager home/backup but if i go to cyberpanel dashboard > backup > restore backup its empty

export from phpmyadmin will have issues if the database size is huge. For small database sizes exporting from phpmyadmin is fine. But any sysadmin will advise you to do export and import operations from SSH as its the best method because its been directly done via server and hence its very reliable, effective and faster.

You will need to login to SSH and move the backup files to /home/backup/

Check this documentation: 1 - Backup/Restore - CyberPanel