Cyberpanel still on PHP 7.3

Is there any plan to upgrade cyberpanel to run on php 8.1?
Now if I get it right panel, rainloop etc… running on 7.3 is that start to get security issue sooner or later?

Right now the default is at 7.4 and may be in next update we make default as 8

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I did not find how to check from panel. But when check from rainloop there can see it’s on 7.3, so I assumed panel as well is 7.3 right?

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rainloop default from cyberpanel haha

you can set the default to 8 manual
but i think rainloop will still use 7.3

maybe you should add syntax to remove old PHP from upgrade script with warning

do you want to erase old php 5.x-7.3 ?


Use this command to change to PHP 8.1

cp -f /usr/local/lsws/lsphp81/bin/php /usr/bin/

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How I can change php version for PhpMyAdmin, rainloop and whatever still runs on PHP 7.3?
Would be nice if next update will update everything on PHP version which get security updates.

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@Dreamer What version of CyberPanel are you using?

Latest. Just check there is still phpMyAdmin, webmail and maybe other panel functions what still on php 7.3

(still) include default php config ???

See screenshots those at least still on 7.3 probably other addons too…

@shoaibkk any plans get these updated too or some tutorial how get everything updated manually?

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i see… i hope there is no security matter

Hope not… I’m not php expert but everywhere is told should not use old php versions, because that’s security risk.

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agree with that…

@shoaibkk any update on this? Is there plans get these updated too or some tutorial how get everything updated manually?

Solution for manual update made by @tmoore here. Only panel update will revert back to 7.3 so need run every time after update.
@shoaibkk @usmannasir any plans to make 8.1 as default on cyberpanel or keep going with 7.3 and if someone want newer have to manually do after every update?

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