Cyberpanel, SSH unable to add public key

Installed and working. But when I want to add ssh key, nothing is loaded right after the loading icon. There is no error. Could it be related to .ssh folder permissions?

.ssh - folder (700)
authorized_keys - file (700)
cyberpanel - file (700) - file (700)

user:group = root:root

I have tested. It’s actually adding the key. However, it cannot be displayed on the panel.
Version: 2.1 Build: 2 @usmannasir

Any specific reason to add ssh key on cyberpanel? Adding ssh key on server from hosting provider access is the best way to add ssh keys in my belief.

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It could be something wrong with key format. Can you PM me your public key.


I cannot add the public key to SSH authentication at Cyberpanel. it shows nothing when i click on add button. How to add public key? one thing is when i am trying to add private key rather than public key it added but it’s not it’s way. What to do and how to solve this. Please help me to find out the solution. Thanks in advance for helping me.