Cyberpanel Slow & CPU usage high Almalinux 8.6

Hey buddies

I have been using Cyberpanel as 1 week but i have faced a big issue its CPU usage is 100% and i already have 3 sites its in one site is handling big traffic per day around 40k per minute to unique visitors of up to 200… My CMS is WordPress

My VPS config is below

4 Cores from - AMD EPYC 7702p
8GB Ram
500GB Nvme SSD / write & read 1.5Gbp/s

Before i hosted my all site on WHM/Cpanel that time was loaded around 5.2% maximum 8.2%

I don’t know what going on Cyberpanel future by the way Free Panel doesn’t matter but needs to be strong so it will grow and turn out people’s thoughts

I hope to read this topic from @usmannasir


can you see the output of htop ?

what process is taking cpu?