Cyberpanel postfix configuration


i try cyberpanel for the first time, seems a nice panel for me but i have a big issue.

Were i can change the postfix things?
Because after installation postfix is setted to and in case of that problem the mailserver has always problems.

Aswell no TLS connection can be done on the mailserver. So my question is can i configure these things in the panel or do i need to modificate the postfix config files? I wanna prevent to get these changes overwritten form cyberpanel.

I’m habing problems with email too

Assuming that you have your hostname set up on your server and a lets encrypt certificate certificate on cyberpanel for your hostname, you can go to SSL > MailserverSSL. Issue a cert for your mailserver (for hostname) and it will be set up automatically.

Otherwise you can config it manually at /etc/postfix/

Can you say me which configs cyberpanel is writing over? Because i wanna set up SNI aswell but it would be a mess if my config gets overwritten every time.

Like I said you will find postfix config file here

open it with an editor like nano or vim