CyberPanel PHP 8.1 permission issues with shortcodes in wordpress

session_start(): open(/var/lib/lsphp/session/lsphp81/sess_n9kpn5g8i383uai4ake9e8hbac, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13)

Hi all, I have my own Cyberpanel with Open Litespeed. Everything is great and I have a wordpress with php 8.1 running. When I try to add shortcodes in the page builder I get this error. See image.

I have contacted Softly because it was while using their product. They guaranteed that it wasn’t on their end. So I went ahead and deleted and reinstalled the whole server. The problem starts when you change the file upload size of PHP 8.1. It messes up some permissions. I refrained from changing the upload size on the new server with 8.1 and changed the ones for 7.4. I then uploaded my plugins and changed it back to 8.1. Now everything is working without issues. So the moment I changed some PHP upload settings through the CyberPanel, my plugin gave the error above. I might have installed an extension for it through the panel too. But something like that caused permission issues and I wanted you all to know that.

I had posted this on the Open Litespeed forum and they wanted me to add it here too. I used the image on GCP Marketplace with Ubuntu 22.04 et al.

Right now, to keep my server alive with 8.1, I am scared to change the settings, so I am working a bit around it and I’m uploading the plugins directly through CP filemanager.

You guys rock!