CyberPanel Notification Email Address Keeps Changing?

Is there a place to set the email address that CyberPanel sends out notification emails with?
It seems to keep changing.
Sometimes when a client adds a new website, the email becomes instead of just

Or sometimes the TLD changes to something like

Why is it changing and how do I set it to a permanent email address?

Do you mean the website owner email you can change from database or the modify website.

No, I mean the email that cyberpanel uses to send out notifications, such as the email that tells you if you’re running out of storage space.

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i never found this alert

Please share more details about the email address.

@frankyfire ask about notification alert
is user A reach xx% of quota space

The email address is not one that is created manually inside cyberpanel by any user or admin. The email also doesn’t seem to be tied to any user or admin. However, when cyberpanel sends the admin an email notification about the server, the email address that it comes from sometimes changes depending on a website or email that was recently created. Here’s an example of the body of one of the notification emails:

Current disk usage at “/” is 77 percent. We recommend clearing log directory by running

rm -rf /usr/local/lsws/logs/*.

When disk usage go above 80 percent we will automatically run this command.

hmm… or maybe the notification is coming from Blesta, which I have installed on the server.

Nope, pretty sure it’s coming from cyberpanel. All emails I get from my Blesta installation are always from while the other email notifications I’m getting are coming from