CyberPanel + MariaDb + OpenLiteSpeed + Websites + Postfix + PHP etc. Full Backup?

I wonder if there is any way to create a backup including EVERYTHING so it would be very easy to move to different server/distro?

CyberPanel Conf + MariaDb Databases + Conf + OpenLiteSpeed Conf + Websites + Postfix Conf + MODSecurity Conf + PHP Conf and more and more like a full snapshot but only especially for CyberPanel and it’s dependent libraries… Websites can be optional since in most of the cases we have websites full backups but at least CyberPanel and other configurations are a big pain if you need to switch servers or linux distros.

Remote Backups

This will transfer your website + emails + databases.

But not the CyberPanel or any manual configs.

Yes i know about that, but i just though if there is any way for backing up CP configurations too…
At the moment because of my stupid mistake that almost killed all of my work for 1 week while configuring CP, OLS, MariaDB, PHP and others (luckily i had website backus) i am trying to copy as much configs as i can locally, just in case.

Of course an automated script can do that and i know it is very big work to do to develop it if it doesn’t exist but wondering if any of the users have done something like that maybe not 100% completed but to save some time for doing everything manually…

Yes you got it right, this thing is v v big. There are thousands of parameters to consider, there are multiple OS and package managers to support.

Which is why it just don’t justify the time required to do, wonder if any other control panel offers this ?

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I dont know about other control panels, actually as i know none of them implement this feature but that’s something that should be a big + for anything that can support it.

Practically to build it is like a completely different projects on the top of main one, but theoretically it would be awesome feature.

Maybe it should be considered after CP will be a lot more stable than it is and why not to experiment with that.

At the moment functionality and stability should be the top priority.

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You have a great opportunity to prove yourself and your abilities!
But I have a question - how many people do you think will be grateful to YOU?

does someone have to work carefully and carefully so that it is convenient for the client to go to another seller of their services??

Your train of thought is very interesting!

@T79787883649 At least i have some thoughts… Maybe AI can shorten the time of coding very much just by requesting what you need to achieve…

Look at this as an example → or

This is just an example what Bard can do and without giving it deep context, just asking it simple. So if you give deep context and/or continue the original conversation to fine tune and optimize the code of course it would be perfect.

The code will also be without bugs and of course working 100% by cutting the time needed for debugging, bug fixing etc…

I mean that can be used for anything not only for this particular request that i just made.

@usmannasir what do you think? Is AI a great thing to help improving the Cyber Panel?

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AI can help with bash commands, small functions right now. But not sure if we give AI all the code and ask it to write a complete thing.

I dont know about other control panels, actually as i know none of them implement this feature but that’s something that should be a big + for anything that can support it.

There maybe another way of looking at it, like if no one did it, its not that much important and not worth the effort as well.

I totally understand about the importance of this feature but about the AI don’t bet it :slight_smile:

Thank you for introducing me to this service.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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