Cyberpanel mail problem, rainloop not connecting to server, Help me to create an Email, I need just the one help

I believe that Cyberpanel is not correctly instigating or configuring with postfix and dovecot, that’s why Cyberpanel Email is not working

The reason behind this belive.

After installing Cyberpanel and creating the website, when I apply for SSL, I face an error called: Cannot issue SSL. Error message: No such file or directory: ‘/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf’

Then I need to install dovecot manually and I got SSL

But Postfix and Dovecot should have been automatically installed and configured by Cyberpanel automatically, rather that shoing error No such file or directory: ‘/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf’ on a fresh Cyberpanel installation.

My Website is Up and Running Well.

Now, I just want a valid Email, Please Help me to get a valid email from Cyberpanel.

I am requesting to all professional/experienced Cyberpanel users and the Cyberpanel support team.

How can I get Valid Emile from Cyberpanel?

Additional Information:

My is VPS new
I installed fresh Ubuntu 18.4
I Installed CyberPanel 2.1.1

I added my site to Cloudflare (no proxy on mail server,
I added All Requared DNS records like: A,cname,MX, DKIM, rDNS/PTR,SPF,dmarc

I successfully got SSL on Domain and mail server both.

I created Email sucessfully from Cyberpanel

but what? rainloop saying "can not connect to server"

I reinstalled my VPS OS+cyberpanel total of 3 times for this Cyberpanel email problem. with ubuntu 20.4 and cyberpanel latest version 2.1.2.

that why I applyed more than five time for SSL and I got limit from let’s encrypt for one week. after a week I can reapply for ssl, but that is not issue, Rainloop mail can work without ssl.

I have total 3 and 3 email website in Cyberpanel : currently no ssl
( : let’s encrypt mail server SSL
( : let’s encrypt mail server SSL

I want a least 1 valid working email, That’s all!
But Cyberpanel troubles me a lot, please i need support to create a valid email.

I am frustrated please help me, I am a student and I do not have money to hire a system admin.

Recommended 20.4

now cyberpanel run 2.1.2

do some upgrade and then let see your problem

cyberpanel not make you in trouble
perhaps you miss some configuration


have you set IN A for that domain ?

have the domain pointed to CF ? ( if you already put the record inside CF)


please check you domain and cf route

sorry my mistake write your domain

check your firewall if you change the port and using cfs

connect to cloud then ask the professional support there

all required ports are open.

(Domain Health Check - Online Domain Tools - Blacklist, Email, Website, DNS - MxToolBox)

How can I configure postfix and dovecot correctly?

beacuse Cyberpanel is not correctly instigating or configuring with postfix and dovecot it self

that’s why Cyberpanel Email is not working

try Cyberpanel mail problem, rainloop not connecting to server, Help me to create an Email, I need just the one help - #8 by MyIDKaTePe

i have (today) 4 vps + 1 vps (just installed) everything working well
as far as i know… mail backup ftp add/remove

@usmannasir @shoaibkk can you help ?
i think this guy need “reset email”

@usmannasir @shoaibkk

@Monna2001 need help. can he ask help to check via cloud ?
i have already help him to re deploy…but error occurs

Hello @MyIDKaTePe Brother,

I am happy now because I found the problem. now even I have no SSL, email is going directly to inbox.

Cyberpanel has no issue, As I thought. The problem is ubuntu 18.4 and ubuntu 20.4 OS images installed by my VPS provider.

I reinstalled ubuntu 20.4 3 time issue no solved, but when I installed centos 7 email issue was solved.

Specially thanks to @MyIDKaTePe for spending almost 3 hours trying to detect the problem, my email problem is now solved.

I Love Cyberpanel

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I didn’t have to configure anything, CyberPanel did everything automatically.

What I have done:

Install new Centos 7 OS

Install CyberPanel

Create DNS record

Create Website

Create Mail

Boom! no issue, no error, Email going to directly inbox.

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