Cyberpanel + LS ent + cloudlinuxOS

Good morning, i’m going to install a cyberpanel server with litespeed enterprise and cloudlinux OS, i’d like to know if cloudlinux OS is fully supported by cyberpanel, cause i could only find guide about converting to cloudlinuxOS and cagefs, what about other features? php hardening? secure links? php xray? what about wordpress optimization suite by cloudlinux? is cloudlinux mod lsapi redundant on litespeed server?

thanks a lot

Cloudlinux works perfect with cyberpanel. You can try it out to check the same.
Just make sure you install the base os (Centos or Almalinux), install cyberpanel on it and then convert it to cloudlinux. Directly installing cyberpanel on cloudlinuxOS will give you install script unsupported platform error.

thanks a lot for your answer, for now i installed cyberpanel on rockylinux cause hetzner cloud has rockylinux images, cloudlinux seems to be compatible with rockylinux too on their website they just say

*RockyLinux (installation only, no uninstall option)

so i can use all cloudlinux features like php x-ray and hardened php with cloudlinux os? for example if i want to use an hardened older version of php, do i have to choose it from cloudlinux instead of cyberpanel? or would it appear in cyberpanel?

thanks :sweat_smile: