Cyberpanel Highy Traffic

i so worry about cyberpanel because cyberpanel doesn’t handle high-traffic sites :confused:

For example, i have a WordPress heavy traffic site each minute 2K unique visitors so sudden site got loaded + CPU 100% for just 1K requests

I had changed 2 days of everything especially LSAPI but nothing improve still got a huge load as well, the ram was not eaten much just 3%

My dedicated server Specs

Dual E5-2670
16 Cores / 32 Threads 128 GB DDR3 2x 200GB SSD

Next on is a i have noticed some bug on the latest V2.3.2 panel simple example is the login dashboard

Some users face it redirected to phpmyadmin LOL :upside_down_face:

As well we know the admin @usmannasir is busy with something else but at least just concrete few hours on the cyber project :slightly_smiling_face:

There might be many factors affecting your performance, I have servers running heavy loads. I also have one server running over 75 sites so it depends on your tweaking.
You may also have to configure MySQL to ensure you are not getting deadlocked there.
Also Wordpress depending on your number of plugins and the type of plugins will also cause high load.

You should also configure your litespeed plugin efficiently and ensure to use lsmcd (memcached).
N.B. None of my servers has that amount of RAM

To fix the issue with the login page, you can follow this solution.

Same problem with me, I am also facing same issue.