Cyberpanel Freezes every 1~2 weeks

Hello. The server works fine. 0-3% CPU use in idle, 17% RAM usage, all seems fine.

The main problem is that Cyberpanel completly freezes every 1~2 weeks. When freezes, no SSH, all websites are down, webpanel is not loading. Mail server is not connecting. The only solution is restarting the server via VPS panel.

Current Version: 2.3, Build: 4

Current Commit: d65b6b5bcd4e89ce1a0eeb74131f98093e85bb3a

Some help please? The logs seems good.

I’m having the same issue here

I scheduled an auto reboot of the server once a week as temporary solution… other ideas? I’m on ubuntu 22.0.4 LTS with all packages updated.

I have mailscanner. When updated the Ubuntu packages I was not able to receive or send mails. I disabled mailscanner and mail works fine. But mailscanner not working any more. Some perl packages was missing, and I installed them, but not working. Be careful if you update the system to prevent freezes.

Aany other news? Thanks.

It keeps hanging even with an automatic restart all weeks. No hardware issues. All is updated. Some help?

UPDATE: I made a deep debug session. I don’t found nothing relevant excepts in the file:


“Reached max children process limit: 10, extra: 3, current: 13, busy: 13, please increase LSAPI_CHILDREN.”

So I increased this value and Max connections in LSWS web console

max conn

Hope this solves the issue…

Problem not solved. Still having the issue. Any help?

I was having the same thing happen. I spent a great deal of time configuring a new server and moving five sites over. This was because my Linux version on the older server was becoming unsupported soon and I worried about kernel issues. I lost too much time on this. Some sites would go do with a server error showing up in the command line. Had to restart the server. This happened just about every other week, I would get a notice that some of the sites went down. Fun. My solution was to move off of this messy control panel and go back to the basics on a fresh new Alma Linux / Cloud Linux / Immunify 360 server, the way I should have gone in the first place. It just freaking runs and these unexplained issues just go away, period.

Hello @jimhill1000 I manage several servers mostly running the latest cyberpanel version and not a single issue till for almost 4 months now. Most probably a bad website or server configuration.Have a good look and let us know

Happy to hear that. I’m interested on keep using cyberpanel. I continue investigating how to remediate the issue. I will inform. Thanks for replying!

The problem persists.

Currently I do not have any type of error in the logs. I have a weekly automatic restart scheduled. I updated the entire system as well as the panel. However the server keeps freezing every one or two weeks.

I have asked the VPS provider (SSD nodes) to check that the hardware is fine and it is.

I have requested assistance on the forums and I have even requested assistance from the creator of cyberpanel, offering to pay him for it and I have not received help from anyone.

I have seen that cyberpanel is updated and adds new payment functions, although it has had many bugs to correct for a long time and they are not being worked on.

For example:
It crashes and I don’t know why. It happens to many users as can be seen here in the support forum.

It puts junk entries in DNS zones that cannot be removed. Repeated entries.

It causes problems with email clients, especially thunderbird.

Cumulative backups fail, proper retention cannot be set.

There is no response from support. Not even offering money in exchange.

Customer websites go down.

Google does not see your website and penalizes you.

You invest hours in debugging and achieve nothing.

It gives problems with php versions. The panel shows all versions even if they are not installed and lets you select them. Which causes problems on the server.

The logs show no signs of failure even when the server freezes every week.

I have not done anything to cause it to crash, I have not installed anything strange except the panel following the instructions. And I have only used the panel, nothing more. Doing things that the panel allows.

The best solution will be to generate a backup copy of all websites and databases, migrate email using Thunderbird and purchase a directadmin license.

I trusted cyberpanel, I wanted to find a solution and continue using it, but it has been impossible.

Thanks everybody, greetings. I leave.