I need help (willing to pay for the time of someone who can help me)
I have installed cyberpanel on my VPS Hetzner, installed wordpress. Everything works great, thanks to cyberpanel developers.

Now I need to somehow install Freescout via cyberpanel, or at least on the same server where cyberpanel is running with the wordpresse site.
Here are the installation instructions, but I don’t have enough knowledge to understand how to do it properly.

I suspect if I run their “Interactive installation bash-script (Ubuntu)” on the server, it will set its own environment and conflicts will start on the server. In general I will be grateful for any hints (of course google knows nothing about those who installed cyberpanel and freescout on the same server and shared their experience on the internet).

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Try using docker.
A bit technical but if you read thq guide and know what you’re doing you can make it work.

Its easy to install. What issue you are facing in it?

No issues, just that it took me time to get it working

All good now - installed, had some problems setting up the proxy, for the subdomain.
By the way, maybe someone knows the name of the forum we are currently chatting on? I want to put the same for myself.

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Good to hear that you made it work. Did you use cyberpanel docker or install it side by side with cyberpanel? I am in the same situation :slight_smile: