Cyberpanel File Manager UI Broken

Hello everyone!
This is my first time posting a bug report here so hopefully you guys can forgive me if my post is not very clear, I will try my best to describe the issue.

This is the problem that im having right now, the interface is broken, i can still upload / delete files but it is very difficult since the UI is harder to navigate.

Version Management
Build: 2
Current Commit: 8dd7c560508b0a7a69131ea07ea44b63d0e96cb1
1.This is my current version and build for my CyberPanel, I already upgrade my CyberPanel to the latest version.

2.I also already updated all the package at the Package Manager.

3.I’m using Vultr as the hosting provider and right now my server is running Ubuntu 20.04

If there is anything else that i need to include regarding my server information please let me know. Thank you very much for spending your time reading my post!

Best Wishes,
Ridhuan Shah

Do the update and check if all ok

Hi, Shoaibkk thank you for the respond

  1. I already update everything in the the Package Manager.
  2. Updated to the latest Cyberpanel version, build and commit.

is there anything else that I’m supposed to update?
thank you!

Just run the cyberpanel upgrade command

You mean this command right?

my server using sudo so this is the command that i use.
sudo su - -c “sh <(curl || wget -O -”

i already run this, still have the same issue… is there any other solution? or maybe i can do like a reinstall for the cyberpanel package?


Upgrade to this commit. Use this tutorial if you don’t know how upgrade to specific version.

I personally tested this by updating several servers from this commit to latest commit