CyberPanel Error Log: locked PID, Unix socket, Vhost and config

Dear all,

I am having the following error:

locked pid file [/tmp/lshttpd/].
remove unix socket for detached process: /tmp/lshttpd/mo7235.sock suExec check uid 65534 gid 65534 setuidmode 0.
Config[mo7235.655340]: suExec uid 1003 gid 1003 cmd /usr/local/lsws/lsphp73/bin/lsphp, final uid 1003 gid 1003, flags: 0.
add child process pid: 36334

Please help me to fix the error. Thank you.

I have also that problem + the lsapi possible deal lock
And that all happened in lsapi in openlitespeed

i see in openlitespeed script hundile , there is cgi and loadbalancer and other , why we all use lsapi , and what happened of change that to cgi or loadbalncer or web server

also how reset the cache of that lsapi and are will work normally if i upgrade the sever resources ?

@ZakiMDH Is it working now?

my websites work but qome times load slow , cause the lsapi deal lock

i use 1 CPU 2GB RAM

you can chek website
International port only not 1Gb but 10/100Mb
No Mail Scanner
no add on